What information do I need to provide to the real estate agency in order to find the property I want?

It´s easy! Let us know the location in which you are interested, the size and the price or budget. The definition of the price determines an important parameter to choose and prepare a list of properties. Is also important to know the deadline for the purchase, all this information is required to give a good service and find your property.

What do I have to do to visit the properties that I´m interested in?

If you are interested in a property available in our website please send us an e-mail or give us a call. The broker in charge will organize the visit to guarantee a good service and optimization of your time. Normally we work with organized agendas, we strongly recommend to avoid last minute visits.

Can RAM help me rent or sell my property?

In our 8 years experience in the business we have developed a vast knowledge in the commercial area, properties such as offices, warehouses and retail spaces. We also work Luxury Homes and in a smaller volume houses and lots.
If your property is in one of these categories please send us an e-mail with the description, photos and price. We´ll be more than glad to help you!

Do I have to work only with one broker?

No, we work with a non-exclusive brokerage agreement, unless the client requests it. The only requirement is to sign a contract where we are authorized to promote the property and the commission fee is established.

What is the Tenant Representation Service?

This is a complete service for you as an external real estate adviser in Costa Rica. Contact us for more information and take advantage of all the benefits that this service offers to you and your company.